Enhancing Household- Centered Care and Support

LIC recognizes that the vulnerable population it serves belong to a household and multi-issues affect their lives. Therefore, LIC uses the Enhanced Household model to identify multi and intersectional issues that households face which include substance abuse, early marriages, GBV, poverty, OVCs, health, disability, disasters to address these issues,

Championing A Localization Movement

We focus on localization movement to connects local communities/ vulnerable populations to local actors (local authorities, CSOs, small businesses)  and amplifies their voices at the relevant national levels. We uphold the human rights of  vulnerable populations and recognizes that there is knowledge, expertise and commitment at all levels, but vulnerable communities/ populations must have space […]

Service Delivery

In partnership with the Ministry of health, We focus on providing Static and outreach quality, friendly, and responsive SRH services  to the priority and key populations and creating demand of these services including integration of other services such as Child health,  mental health, drug/substance use, GBV,  Covid and environmental health