Life Initiative For Change

Designing life changing solutions that meet the needs of the vulnerable population by addressing the interconnected issues of the full rights of women and girls

Help The Vulnerable Population To Improve Their Livelihood

Counselling & SRHR Information

We have Helped over 800 priority population and 200 Key population, with.

Increased access to SRH

We have helped more than 1,200  people  to have access to FP services

STI and
HIV screening

Helped over 500 of which 300 are young people, and over 150 Sex  workers.

Post GBV Care and Support

We have helped over 100 households to get screened for GBV

What We Do

Many vulnerable groups of society experience various life issues and yet not being able to adequately address them either because solutions are not available or not adequately targeted.

In Lusaka and around Zambia, we provide Health services, advocate for gender equality, implement disaster risk reduction programs and support the creation of self-help groups, aimed at empowering vulnerable women and the young people.

We address life issues of health and human rights barriers that affect the vulnerable populations.

Our goal is to strengthen the collaboration of local actors  to Improve access to Health services, strengthen resilience and Gender equality.

Championing the empowerment of women and Girls including other vulnerable groups.

We envision a society where Women and Girls including other Vulnerable populations are empowered to improve their livelihood  and live healthier in favorable environments. 



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How You Can Help


How We Work To Make A Difference

Championing a localization movement:

We focus on localization movement to connect local communities/ vulnerable populations to local actors (local authorities and businesses)

Strengthening collaboration

Our interventions uses the cluster model developed from experiences of working with community members and other local actors in usually small ......

Service Delivery:

In partnership with the Ministry of health, We focus on providing Static and outreach quality, friendly, and responsive SRH services to the priority and key populations ........

Enhancing Household- Centered Care and Support

We recognize that the vulnerable population we serve belong to a household and multi-issues affect their lives. T

What We Value